Elena – Backroom Casting Couch 1672


Rick has quite the treat for us this week. I say us, because I didn’t even know until the last minute. It seems our prospective porn starlet was referred to us by someone you may remember… Our ripe and ready 18 year old Elena is actually Reyna’s sweet little SISTER!!! Can you believe that shit?! LAUGH OUT LOOOOUUUUD. The “producers” still hadn’t called Reyna, and about a week after her shoot, she reached out and told us about her sister. So we said, “Sure, helping bring other young ladies into the biz can only better your chances at getting work, so why not?” So I got to test out this bubbly little teen and boy-howdy was it something! Elena has a good idea of what is going to happen. I mean why wouldn’t your older sister prep you for something like this…