Jayme – Exploited College Girls


Hello ExCoGi Fans here is the first bonus update that I hope you like with 18 yr old exploitee Jayme. Now redheaded firecracker Jayme was nervous for her first ever sex on camera and confessed, “Yea, I can’t wait to just get everything started”. Don’t you just love that unsure, nervousness of first timers? So why is Jayme here? Money hungry and horny. God I love this shit. Give us a young misguided teen and we will provide her back to our fans naked and exploited. You can also sense Jayme’s awkwardness at first must be the nerves talking here, but JJay eases her into it and wastes no time getting her cloths off to reveal that young body that has not been touched or fucked in weeks. Yes Jayme likes to masturbate 4 or 5 times a week, hell who doesn’t? But why do you ask would a girl like Jayme not get dick whenever she wants? Well… Jayme has a boyfriend, but not a very serious one who’s not around much obviously. Why you ask? Well let me explain you, 1st) She somehow informs her “boyfriend” that she has already moved “down here” to SoCal, saying this with a casual shrug of her shoulders, 2nd) She then tells “him” that she is planning to try porn… with out him. Said again with more casual shrugging… and 3rd) Wait… wait… wait, this is the best part (drum roll please!) he responds, “hey good for you, go make your money”. I hope all my relationships are this strong if I ever decide to commit to one person. But their love or bond must be so strong you plead Steve…