Lara Lynx – Hot MILFs Fuck


So today’s hot MESS, I mean MILF, is shy and giggly Lara Lynx who’s very excited to be fucking on camera for the first time. Hey everyone, those were her own words, not mine, and we just love bringing out the hot mess in all our hot MILFs. “So Lara are you nervous today?” asks Jake. “So should I be playing with myself as you ask me questions?” reply’s Lara. Well that wasn’t our question, but yes honey. Not only are you supposed to play with that kitty cat as we ask you questions. It’s highly encouraged. Even frowned upon if you don’t. So like a little kitten who becomes distracted when you toss it a ball of yarn, so is Lara when Jake disrobes our hot little number. “So is this going to be the fastest you’ve ever fucked a guy?” asks Jake. “No,” giggles Lara…