Lindsey Lane – Exploited College Girls


So your mom knows you’re here doing this? “Well, she knows I’m here but she doesn’t know what I’m doing. She thinks I’m doing a lingerie shoot.” Love that Lindsey and as you will find out today, a whole new world opens up when you start lying to your parents and today’s going to be a special treat for all of you. It’s 19 year-old Lindsey Lane who’s from a small town and she’s here to experience the bright lights, big city experience. Her hometown is so small in fact there must not be enough guys to sample and figure out what good sex is and Lindsey’s here for her first sex on camera accompanied by a whole lot of firsts. And the first thing we find out is Lindsey wants to fuck Tyler real bad because she hasn’t had sex in 5 months. These guys from her hometown must also be idiots…