Luna Mars – Exploited College Girls


Ok Luna go stand in front of the Family sign over there. THE FAMILY SIGN! Oh no! Oh my god there’s so much wrong with that LOL is what today’s Ex*!%@t cried out when we did her introduction video. Well there ain’t much of anything wrong with what happened next which was her taking off her clothes and spreading those fine as fuck ass-cheeks to reveal that cute as a button pussy for what I like to say is a proper introduction. Yes today we present to all of you Luna Mars. She’s 22 years old and she’s been in a little bit of a dry spell she admits in her interview. I have no fucking clue why this girl wouldn’t get dick, or pussy for that matter, every single fucking day if I looked like her and loved sex as much as she claims to. This girl also claims that her tits are her best feature but I must disagree with Miss Mars on this one because I’m a legs and ass kinda man and hers are fucking spectacular…