Monika – Czech Casting 0073


We have seen girls with giant boobs, boobs that fitted right into one’s hands and even cute small girly boobies… But we have never seen a girl with no boobs at all. We had to wait till today for a girl named Monika, who just lacks boobs. Yes, there’s just no sign of them at all. However, that makes this twenty one year old girl from Prague extremely interesting. We know “uppers” will not be pleased, but this is something you should watch, just for the reason it’s not that common in the fake-boob era of today. During the interview, she told us she is single – but gentlemen, beware, she owns a pit bull, so pout your rapier back in your trousers – if you want to keep it. But she didn’t bring her dick-ripper pet with her to the interview, so our cameraman and his hardened saber were free to go. Did Monika agree with our offer? Did she start a swordfight with a stranger in front of a camera?