Roxy – Exploited College Girls


Five foot two, eyes of blue… Ok she doesn’t have blue eyes but today’s exploit Roxy is five foot two and just like the saying, or the beautiful small turquoise box from Tiffany’s, “Good things CUM in small boxes.” I believe there’s also a donut shop in the North West called Voodoo Donuts and they have a great saying. “Good things CUM in pink boxes.” Get it? Donuts are good and they come in a box that’s pink. Ok. Ok. Ok. Listen you non-perverts. You see, to girls cocks are good, and they cum in pussies, which are pink boxes. Are you now getting what I’m serving here? That’s creativity and thinking outside the pink box people, so kudos to them. But now on the dirtier side of the street, referring to our minds being in the gutter…