Scarlett (Anal Scene) – Backroom Casting Couch 1677


SCARLETT.IS.BACK! That’s right, one of the hottest (IMO) chicks we’ve had on our couch this year is back for more. You should remember this beautiful, naive girl from a few weeks ago. She came in and did a great job letting me fuck her pussy. As usual we sent her on her way anxiously awaiting a call from our producers, that of course never came. So she hit up my homie Rick wondering what she could do to speed up the process. His answer was simple, “ANAL.” So here she is, back to see if she’s got what it takes. She’s a little less nervous this time, because she has an idea of what’s coming. We invite her in, and have some brief small talk. When we’re getting her naked we notice she smuggled in some contraband. Yup, you’re seeing that right, she came with a buttplug pre-inserted…