Sommer Love – Hot MILFs Fuck


It might be the middle of winter and cold outside, but here in AZ it’s heating up in the back seat of my Porsche with the season of hotness… It’s the “Sommer” of “Love!” and there are flowers a blooming everywhere. The most beautiful of Sommer flowers we think are opening between hot milf Sommer Love’s legs and what a pretty flower she has. Right off the bat both Jake and I said “WOW! Is that her?” as we passed her at the airport pickup. Sommer’s one fine girl and this tall cool drink of water will refresh everyone’s thirst for passion. This is Sommer’s first sex on camera and we are so happy she chose us to lose her pornginity with. Shot on 8/9/2020 this flowers slit has waited a long time for this release but just remember. Good things come to those who wait and just wait till you see how Jake releases on Sommer both in the car and at the hotel. Hotness. Just fucking hotness. So sit back everyone, strap in, relax and put those shades on because Sommer’s coming at you and her futures looking so bright to us. Enjoy another inaugural hot Milfs fuck scene! It’s a sizzling scorcher.